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3.2.14 formaction [solution] "string"

Required in web exams.

This command defines the header of the form commands in the HTML source. Optionally the correct solutions can be coded in the form and passed to the cgi script that will parse the form (if “solution” is written after “formaction”). “string” specifies the location of the cgi-script (the “action” of the html form).

For instance:

     formaction ""

will provoke the inclusion of the following line in the latex source being created:

%%tth:\begin{html}<FORM action="" method="post">\end{html}

Instead if the “solution” option is given:

     formaction solution ""

The solutions (in case of multiplechoice exams) will be also send to the cgi script:

%%tth:\begin{html}<FORM action="" method="post">\end{html}

This is useful to give immediate feedback to the web exam takers.